Sweet William Market™ is a vintage and lifestyle market offering a refreshing alternative for shoppers who are on the hunt for uncommon treasures that move beyond the ordinary. Each market is an event reflecting the unique, eclectic, and urban character of the Stapleton neighborhood, hosting a top-notch variety of artisans and collectors, musicians, non-profit organizations, and food vendors.

2020 Market Dates

We work off a seasonal schedule. Our upcoming market dates for 2020 will be:

  • May 30th
  • September 26th
  • December 5-6th


The outdoor markets open to shoppers from 9-2pm. Set up begins as early as 6:30.  Our Holiday shows have a Friday afternoon/evening load in, are open to shoppers Sat. 9-4pm and Sun. 10-4pm.


Outdoor Market Location

Founders Green, Stapleton: 29th & Syracuse right in the heart of the Stapleton Neighborhood at the base of the 29th Avenue Town Center. 

Founders Green is a charming grassy spot flanked with wide sidewalks, large annual planters, shady trees and picnic tables.

December Holiday Location

Of course that would be chilly for the December show, so we’ll take it inside at Stapleton’s new indoor event center, The Cube, at 8712 Northfield Blvd. just across the street from Macy’s.

Booths & Fees

Sizes available for the June and September markets:

  • Singles (10’x10’): $145
  • Doubles (10’x20’): $200
  • Shared Double (10′ x 20′): $250
  • Mobile Boutique: $200
  • Food Truck: TBD

The Holiday Market in December will also have two sizes available:

  • 10 x 10 booths: TBD
  • 6 x 8 booths: TBD
  • Mobile Boutique: TBD

Staying in the lines? We’re not sticklers. In fact, our policy reads a little more like this: Don’t leave anything crazy amazing at home because you think it won’t fit, we love the look of a market bursting at the seams, and your spaces are generally a bit bigger than these specific dimensions.

Booth Sharing

Booth Sharing is accommodated on the Single 10 x 20 foot size only, for the June and September Markets. The Holiday Market will allow booth sharing in the 10 x 10 booth size. Just remember that we have limited space for the Holiday Market… there are fewer 10 x 10 booth sizes available. In the case of shared space, all participants must be juried.


Sweet William Market™ is a premier outdoor vintage market is committed to offering our shoppers quality vintage, antique, and select artisan merchandise. While we love a garage or estate sale just like the next person, Sweet William Market™ is not a venue for disposing unwanted household items.

High quality vintage finds and antiques are always welcomed, as are artisan crafted jewelry, handbags, apparel, and home and garden accessories. Our goal is to be offering items that cannot be easily found in other retail outlets.

Mass manufactured goods and multi-level marketing organizations have plenty of venues in which to market and are not hosted at Sweet William Market™. Instead, we reserve space for those small entrepreneurial artisans and collectors.

Some Dos & Don’ts

DO be careful about copyrights and trademarked material.

DO remember our shoppers often visit with their families and that its best to avoid racy images and content.

DO take a pass on selling, displaying or using drug related paraphernalia, guns, ammunition or explosives.

DO remember to store any gasoline, petroleum, explosives, or any other dangerous items or noxious products at HOME!

DO remember that distribution or sale of any food or beverages (including bottled water) kicks in an entirely different contract and licensing requirement and is better left to the professionals, unless specifically contracted with Sweet William Market™.

DON’T plan for Electricity and running water, we are not able to provide that to our primary vendors.

DON’T include alcoholic beverages in your Market Day plan (well maybe your post market day plan but not during your Set-Up/Sell/Breakdown time)

DON’T forget that the State of Colorado requires special licensing for games of chance, skill, raffles, lotteries, auctions, or psychic readings and cannot be accommodated at Sweet William Market™.



In addition to contracting to hold Sweet William Market™ harmless in case of an accident, all participants are responsible for maintaining adequate and appropriate insurance for their product and their participation in the Market. If you currently do not hold insurance for your business, it often times is worthwhile to connect with your homeowner’s insurance firm to find specific information on how to proceed.


All participating Vendors/Artists are responsible for maintaining proper State and Local business and sales tax license(s).

State requirements include one of the following licenses from the Colorado Dept. of Revenue. Colorado Sales Tax License  Or Multi-Event Sales Tax License. For detailed license questions the Colorado Dept. of Revenue can be contacted; by phone: (303) 238-7378; by email: www.taxcolorado.com  Or in person at their service center located at: 1375 Sherman St., Denver, CO 80261

City and County of Denver requires one of the following licenses in addition to that of those required by the state of Colorado. Denver City and County Sales Tax License or Special Event Sales Tax License: These should be applied for prior to market day and can be found here.

Oftentimes a representative from the City and County Treasury Department will visit on market day. Not only are they a great resource for your questions, but often they have Sales Tax Returns for you to use. Questions regarding these licenses can be directed to City & County of Denver Treasury Dept. at (720) 913-9400.

DO Collect & File Sales Tax. Sweet William Market™ participants are responsible for filing their own sales tax returns. Please know that as a market organizer I’m compelled to report my participants to the City and County of Denver. Should you forget to file your Sales Tax Returns within 20 days of our event they may contact you to follow up.

Combined Sales Tax is currently 8.31%

Booth Assignments

Most booth spaces are centered on the green, with our furniture vendors assigned to sidewalk spaces. Much care is taken to accommodate displays and layouts of merchandise, and to avoid product conflicts. We also try and keep vendors in the same or close proximity of earlier shows so that shoppers can find them easily. Please know that every effort is made to create great spaces and to customize the assignments. Our appreciation in advance for your patience.

Set Up

Our fabulous green is flanked by residential property. Please be respectful of their “Sleep-in Saturdays” and keep noise to a minimum. We stagger our arrival & unloading times to ensure all vendors have a chance to park close to the green & have easy access while transferring their goods from vehicle to market space. Please do your part by unloading your vehicle completely and parking for the day before beginning your set up. General Set Up begins at 6:30 pm. If you need additional set up time, that can be arranged.

DO be prepared complete set up and serve shoppers at least 15 minutes prior to our 9:00 opening.



Please park your vehicle(s) in the parking lot behind the 29th Ave. Town Center. This parking is free for all of your vehicles- all day. We need EVERYONE to move their vehicles to these spaces to free up spots along the green for your shoppers! If you need someone to watch your space & valuables for you while you move the magic bus- hey that’s what we’re here for… come get us. We’re more than happy to help!

DON’T park along the green during our market hours. We want our shoppers to be able to pony up to the curb and load in all their purchases.

DO park your bicycles, motorbikes, motorcycles, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, or scooters rather than ride them through the show!


The Market is a Rain or Shine show, and only in emergency situations or extreme weather conditions will we cancel or call for an early close. In 10 years and over 50 shows, we have called for an early close only twice. Please, too remember that refunds for emergency or inclement weather may not be possible.

DO remember that canopies are not provided by Sweet William Market™ but are brought to the green by the participants for shade and protection in the event of an afternoon rain shower.

DO stake or weight all canopies with at least 10 lbs of weight per canopy leg. The canopy should be the last thing in your space broken down, as Colorado has been known to get crazy little microbursts that can toss a tent in the air and injure shoppers and other participants.


Break Down

Again to best work with the sidewalk access, we organize Break Down in the reverse of Set Up and ask that you pack your bins, and collapse your canopy prior to retrieving your car. We do ask that all vendors operate during the entire Market day, which extends from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Even in crummy weather you can have strong sales from those die-hard market junkies!

DO work to complete breakdown by 4:00pm of market day. Our mornings start at 4:00am and we can’t go home until you do!

DO remember your clean up tasks in and around your space during and after each market.  We do have a service which removes trash from the baskets, but it can be quite expensive to have large boxes, broken furniture, or abandoned product removed.


We’re certainly aware that from time to time life throws a curve ball and you may not be able to attend a show you’ve contracted to work. Please let us know! We’d like you to give a 2 week notice if you’re unable to participate on any given market day.  But if that is not possible even a 5:00 am text, really helps us fill in the gaps in the layout on Market day. Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are usually only manageable if we’ve had enough time to re-sell the space.


DO leave Fido and Kitty at home.


Sweet William Market™ is a destination shopping experience. The dos and don’ts have been put in place in order to provide a charming and enjoyable shopping experience to our customers, an easy and profitable experience to our vendors, and a trouble free experience to our hosts Forest City Stapleton, Stapleton Master Community Association, the Park Creek Metropolitan District, and the 29th Avenue Merchants. We sure do appreciate you doing your part in contributing to a successful market day.