We get to jury your applications 3 times a year.

1. Fill Out Application – We carefully curate our shows for a number of reasons and are keen to learn alllllll about you!  Just submit your short application with product descriptions, price points, and images and we’ll get you started.  This is your moment to brag!

2. Receive your Acceptance Email – No hurt feelings allowed!  Our shows are juried to ensure we are delivering what we promised to both our shoppers and YOU!  We are careful for a few reasons …first that your offerings are a good fit for what we’ve advertised will be on the green, second, that we aren’t overly saturating one given genre or duplicating product at a given show, and then third, that we are being good stewards of your booth fees and feel confident you’ll be a hit with our shoppers.  Once we’ve curated our market you’ll receive confirmation via email and instructions about your next steps.

3. Submit Fees – Just like saying ‘Yes to the Dress’  your fee submission is your nod that you’ve accepted our invitation to show.

4. Receive Booth Assignments and Marketing Materials – Once our invites have been accepted, we get to work on building out our booth assignment layouts, picking out spots that make you all comfortable and showcase your market offerings in the best possible light.  And we make sure you’ve got a collection of market art to use via email, and your various social media outlets so you can share your participation with your own shopper list.

Got Questions?

Booth Size and Cost?

Booths Sizes for our outdoor shows come in 2 basic sizes and mobile sizes.  Not to fret though…they are generous if need be since we have plenty of space and we aren’t particular about staying inside the lines. Goodness…don’t leave anything at home because you’re afraid it won’t fit!  Our holiday show is inside so a titch different.  This year’s booth fees are as follows:

  • Outdoor Single (10’x10’): $145
  • Outdoor Double (10’x20’): $200
  • Mobile Boutique Road or Sidewalk Parking: $200
  • Food Trucks: TBD
  • 2 Day Holiday Large (10’x 10′): TBD
  • 2 Day Holiday Small (6’x 8′): TBD

Can I Share a Booth? 

Yes!  We know that not only are most of you careful about your budgets but also enjoy the company of a buddy during a market.   We’re happy to roll with that but please have your buddy apply as well.  We’ve just gotta apply the same jurying process to everyone so we know how to plan.

Can I Request a Specific Booth? 

Sorry…but no. Please do let us know of specific concerns…we do want to be considerate, we just cannot guarantee a given space.  Our booth assignments get a little tricky when we’re trying to build a layout with a good flow, separating like-genre vendors for better sales potential, and being mindful of protecting inventory that could be damaged from too much sun (yikes, those candle vendors need shade!) or helping vendors with heavy product with an easier load in.

What we can share though is that our layouts have multiple ingress and egress points for shoppers…there isn’t a front of the market or a back really. For our outdoor shows there are 10-12 sidewalk spaces and the remaining are on grass which is much easier on the market day feet and cooler.  We have a huge amount of corner spaces giving you exposure from two sides and we typically keep returning vendors in their same spots…for those shoppers that didn’t buy the first time!

When Will I Know My Booth Assignment?

Booth layouts are built typically 2-3 weeks prior to market day so you will have time to plan and prepare. Do please keep in mind though that in order to achieve the best layout and customize space individually, booth spaces may change and may also be confirmed closer to market day.  And occasionally we will have a vendor that has a last minute cancellation and we may need to shift a bit to make sure the layout stays cohesive and protects the exposure to all the vendors. So we will reserve the right to assign all space locations and make space assignment changes prior to the market opening as may become necessary to be consistent with good exhibition management procedures.

Lets talk about your application photos.

Just a couple of tips about photos.

1. Impressions Count! Your photos are the BIGGEST factor in the jurying process so please choose with care to not only send us images that are truly representative of your work, but also show your best offerings!  If we cannot tell what you create or curate, what the quality of it is, or if it too closely duplicates another vendors offering we may miss inviting you to join us.

2. Offerings and Displays please…..We need images of both your offerings as well as an image of your booth setup.  We are gauging the overall look and volume of your booth to not only determine if our shoppers will be drawn in but also to plan your booth assignment….this is critical…so the website developer locks up the application if this is missing.  Yikes!  Help us out!  If you don’t have a booth shot, just set up a mock booth (doesn’t need to include tent)…its not a bad way to work the kinks out of your display and you’ll just be cruising on market day.

3. Make them pretty! We are using your photos to market YOU!  And just like we curate our applicants, we are careful only to post good images on our website and our social media channels to protect our brand.  Our goal is that our shoppers keep looking for  you even after market day so please send us some goodies!  Photos do not need to be taken by a fancy photographer…our phones these days take great shots.  BUT….try for an artistic angle, focused closeups in natural light work best.