Sweet William Market™ is a vintage and lifestyle market offering a refreshing alternative for shoppers who are on the hunt for uncommon treasures that move beyond the ordinary. Each market is an event reflecting the unique, eclectic, and urban character of the Stapleton neighborhood, hosting a top-notch variety of artisans and collectors, musicians, non-profit organizations, and food vendors.

2020 Market Dates

We work off a seasonal schedule. Our upcoming market dates for 2020 will be:

  • May 30th
  • September 26th
  • December 5-6th



The outdoor markets open to shoppers from 9-2pm., our holiday show is open to shoppers Sat. 9-4pm and Sun. 10-4pm.


Outdoor Market Location

Founders Green, Stapleton: 29th & Syracuse right in the heart of the Stapleton Neighborhood at the base of the 29th Avenue Town Center. 

Founders Green is a charming grassy spot flanked with wide sidewalks, large annual planters, shady trees and picnic tables.

December Holiday Location

Of course that would be chilly for the December show, so we’ll take it inside at Stapleton’s new indoor event center, The Cube, at 8712 Northfield Blvd. just across the street from Macy’s.

Is it free?

Attending, browsing, listening to the live music IS free!  Our market is family friendly AND Fido friendly…just don’t for get the leash.  And if you find yourself not finding something to buy, consider giving a donation to our sponsored philanthropy, the Morgan Adams Foundation.

Can I get a coffee or lunch?

We always have food and beverage vendors but they do vary from market to market.  The shops and restaurants around the 29th Avenue Town Center, and Northfield Shopping Mall an expand those if needed.

What will I find?

Sweet William Market™ is a premier outdoor vintage market is committed to offering our shoppers quality vintage, antique, and select artisan merchandise. While we love a garage or estate sale just like the next person, Sweet William Market™ is not a venue for disposing unwanted household items.

High quality vintage finds and antiques are always welcomed, as are artisan crafted jewelry, handbags, apparel, and home and garden accessories. Our goal is to be offering items that cannot be easily found in other retail outlets. 

Mass manufactured goods and multi-level marketing organizations have plenty of venues in which to market and are not hosted at Sweet William Market™. Instead, we reserve space for those small entrepreneurial artisans and collectors.

Cash only?

Nope!  Our vendors are happy with cash or credit cards.  Most of them use a Square to run your purchases through confidentially.


Our vendors are responsible for collecting the 8.31% sales tax.  Sometimes its included in their price, other times its added at time of sale.


Parking is free around the full perimeter of Founders Green, in and around the 29th Ave. Town Center, Northfield Shopping Mall, and the city of Denver’s side streets.  There is also a number of places to park your bike, scooters, motorcycles, skateboards and roller blades…and sure would prefer that to keep you and our other shoppers safe.


The Market is a Rain or Shine show, and only in emergency situations or extreme weather conditions will we cancel or call for an early close. In 14 years and over 50 shows, we have called for an early close only twice.