What is Sweet William?

sweet wil·liam

/ˌswēt ˈwilyəm/


noun: sweet william; plural noun: sweet williams


Definition of sweet william

def. 1: a charming heirloom wildflower, that attracts lots of friends (insects, butterflies, bees, and birds) to the garden, establishes deep roots and categorized by experts as a tender perennial blooming each spring to our first frost and reemerging each season.

def. 2: of or relating to a sweet and delightful neighbor named Will.

def. 3: of or relating to Sweet William Market™  a seasonal vintage and lifestyle market in Stapleton, offering a fresh alternative for shoppers who are on the hunt for uncommon treasures that move beyond the ordinary.


We host 3 events throughout each year – one in the spring, fall and winter.

Each market is an event reflecting the unique, eclectic, and urban character of our city and the Stapleton neighborhood, hosting a top-notch variety of artisans and collectors, musicians, non-profit organizations, and food vendors.

Our outdoor markets in May and September are on Stapleton’s Founders Green, a big lawn at the base of the 29th Avenue Town Center.  We’re lucky to be able to host 45-75 pitched tent booths and a handful of mobile boutiques and food trucks there….plus plenty of room for the live music and for the kids to run and play!

In December we pull up tent stakes and go inside The Cube in Northfield for our two day holiday market.  This show is smaller than our outdoor markets with 25-30 vendors and a couple of mobile boutiques, but our shoppers delight in a bit of a respite from the busy mall to find thoughtful gifts and even a treat or two for themselves!



We have a great mix of artisans, collectors, live music, and craft food.   They bring art, jewelry, apparel, gifts, and home decor in all kinds of styles.  You’re just as likely to find a vintage sugar bowl for your collection as you are a Boho top for the weekend’s outdoor gathering with friends.  Live banjo music is our go to jam and you’ll nosh on some creative food options our food trucks gourmets too!

We continue to host a solid group of full time regulars some of which have been with us every season since we started!  But over half of each market is made up of a variety of new or periodic artisans and collectors to keep things fresh.  The Golden Market Day rule?  If you like it buy it…that vendor may not be there next time!


Sweet William Market grew out of the camaraderie of three women connected by a move to Stapleton when the neighborhood was quite new.  We had a dream, believed we could make it happen, and leaned into a community that supported our venture.

We also shared a friendship with a lovely family and were pretty smitten with their bright boy, Will.  Sweet Will and his parents were our introduction to the Morgan Adams Foundation .  And just like our little market, this small organization has had the dream to support significant research in pediatric brain cancer, believes they can make it happen ( wow…$5.2M and counting!), and leans into a strong community that supports their venture.

We couldn’t be more proud to have them as our exclusive philanthropic partner and continue to watch them blossom!


Our sponsors include Kim Kouba, a local Realtor with the NPRE Team at Compass and MCA Stapleton.


KIM KOUBA – Owner, operator, and market junkie, Kim Kouba started this hobby business as a vendor of repurposed furniture and vintage finds.  A Stapleton resident too, she’s the driving force and chief marketer behind Sweet William Market because she continues to be inspired by the artisans and collectors in this cottage industry and loves connecting buyers and sellers.  In her day job she leads the NPRE Team empowered by Compass real estate, connecting buyers and sellers in that market too!

BECKY GRUPE – Looking for the 411 on applications, booth space reservations, marketing materials and what not? Give Becky a shout first, she’s our Chief in Charge and can be reached via phone at 303-204-9745.

ANNA FAULK – Wondering about billing and whether your payment has been recorded? Anna is our bookkeeping guru and will gladly help you out! She can be reached at sweetwilliammarket@gmail.com